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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I have more than 4 servers I want you to manage?
A. That's an easy question. Add on additional 4-Packs. For every additional 4-Pack, you'll get another 4 hours of emergency service and another 4 hours of proactive checks for another 4 servers. Ask about discounts for large numbers of servers.

Contact us to put the care of your servers in our hands.

Q. Can I add additional hours to a 4-Pack if I want or need additional hours of emergency time?
A. Prepaid hours are offered at a reduced rate and as such are not refundable if unused. Additional hours
, if required, will be billed at the same rate and only as needed. There would be no benefit to booking these rates up front. We won't abandon you when the four hours is up. We will continue to work toward solution of the problem unless you decide otherwise. It's your call.

Q. Are you available for project work other than the services that come with the 4-Pack?
A. Yes, we are available to work on a wide range of projects.
Take a look at What We Do for an idea of how we can fit into you're project.

Contact us to get us signed up for your project.

Q. What if I have an emergency for a server that you don't manage for us?
A. We will gladly help you with any emergency you have. Emergency rates for servers we're not managing are higher as this is hours we have not been able to plan for in advance.

Q. Do you provide monitoring software for the servers you manage?
A. Monitoring software is not included in the 4-Pack or any other
offerings we may make. We can tie in to any monitoring software you choose to use. All licensing is your own responsibility.

Q. Are you related to or any similar group claiming to be Masters?
A. No, there is no relation. Additionally, and many similar groups are NOT Certified Masters in SQL Server. Do not be misled by their name.

tunately, there is no way to stop a group from referring to themselves as Masters even though they cannot back it up. If they are Certified Masters, they will state so and will be able to provide you with names that can be found on the public list of Certified Masters on the Microsoft Learning website.